Charmed, I'm Sure

by Hermano Stereo

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released January 4, 2017

All songs written by Montana Loran and Scott Thomas

Hermano Stereo is:
Montana Loran
Scott Thomas
Eric Schiwe

Additional Musicians:
Peter August
Keith Burton
Paul Little
Dan Maxwell

Track 1,2,3,4,5,7,9 recorded by Scott Thomas at The Zoo
Track 6&10 recorded by Peter August at Clubhouse Recording Co.
Track 8 recorded by Gabriel Bento at Water Music Recorders
All tracks mastered by Oliver Ignatius at Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen



all rights reserved


Hermano Stereo New York, New York

Outsider Pop

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Track Name: iHOPE
I hope I can stand on my own soon
I hope you bring my legs back with you
I hope I can speak for myself soon
I hope you bring my brain back with you
I hope I can feel something soon
I hope you bring my heart back with you

You asked me what I thought, I thought you'd never ask
But in the meantime, Honey, Where'd you get that?
In town or the mountains where they make them?
I don't care much about anything when I'm with you,
not the town, not the mountains, not what the kids do.

So, go on, do what you want.

And I hope if I die it's not too soon, but when I do please put my plot next to you.
Track Name: Pretty Brave
break the key in lock, lock my mother out
watch the air and clothes all come flooding out
leave the car for three days by the neighbor's house
up on my two legs, bound up the vertebrate
this separation is the rising of the day
in all those habits you said were my cards to play
I find myself
finding so much comfort
I guess that I'll let it ride
oh, but I wonder how long til the fun's over

but now I can't go back, I can't go home

if you see me up on my two legs I'll bet you say
"hey! that's pretty brave, for an invertebrate..."

and all those planets you said were too far away
they used to be so much closer
did they declare a side?
when they got too big they had to move over
Track Name: Brown Bag/Sparrow
I'm a brown bag and you're a sparrow. I'm stumbling around the house like a pharaoh in the dark, I command whatever I can. I'm lacking self in control, in the fold, now in a hole, I'm lacking self control in a world so old, I destroy whatever I can. And I'm stuck on a tree, in the sea of the sun. Before I was young I was so much fun, but I was wrong; I was dumb, but I was wrong. I'm always wrong. But like a worm in the earth you dug me up...back at the orchard i find myself in the exact same spot that i was when i thought i never had gotten lost, it was the exact same spot...where I'm always wrong. You know, I lived in a house- in a town- but now I live in a room underground where I'm always wrong. But I'm a brown bag and you're a sparrow, I destroy whatever I can.
Track Name: Keep Laughin'
Good God's Grief!
Why doesn't God talk to me?
I never wanted long hair
I thought my friend's were so fair
I thought my family cared
I thought god was there
I thought

Dear Dad's Grief,
I think to much about how you don't think about me. It's always "laugh now" or "laugh then" or "don't laugh til I say when" or "laugh when it's not funny" and "laugh til you're dead"

"keep laughin' when you come upstairs," He said.
But He was laughin' when I flew up and found nothing instead.

"Good dog, it's me.
fetch the dander of my seed.
I'll meet you in the garden, you'll meet my vacant memory"

Good God's Grief, why's everybody looking at me?
Good God's Grief, why's everybody walking towards me?
Dear Dad,
You said, "You'd best believe me." but then why am I hanging from a big wooden t ?

I wanna remember everything you ever said to me
but I can't recall a single word for the life of me
I wanna remember but the more that I think about it
you never said anything
Track Name: The Orchard
Next to the orchard we're both selling almost the exact same cloth,
only I don't know why you can't just knock it off.
And everyone I'm talking at seems to hate mostly every word;
so who is it who I'm talking at?
Well, I'm not too sure...
While the ice, it escapes my senses,
I can't feel my frozen feet,
and I'm sure that they can't stand me
so I'll thaw em in the sea...
But it's no use, we both live in the coldest part of the earth.
we've been bitching before birth.
so i guess the orchard is the church where we were both baptized in a backyard river of chlorine,
it made my mouth move mostly mean,
by the time i turned thirteen.
and you are eleven in the primtime sitcoms of my mind.
But do you know where your children are?
Do you even know the time?
Track Name: The Tumbleweeds
What will you say when you see that both the light and night deceive? "Will you please deceive me?" And what do you see when you fix your hind eyes towards the street? Do you even see me? Me and my friends, the tumbleweeds?

You picked my pocket with the left hand,
You hit my face with the right,
You gave me the left and the right all night.

We should of turned around when we got to your house, cause your mat said, "welcome" but it meant "keep out"

I knew I should have stayed at home with all the snakes in the dirt and the fish in the waves, cause they're all laughing, it's true, and I guess I'm laughing too. But then my eyes rolled around the room
until they ended up on you.
Track Name: A Big Brown Dog
a big brown dog roaming around
"Dakota gotta get to Montana"
Really doesn't know which way to go
"Really gotta get to Montana"
through the hay is the way

When the day came, it came and went so fast
I was crying out for the past
praying to someone, to anyone, that it would last

a big brown dog roaming around

Track Name: The Wizard
Lyrics Adapted from "The Magic Box" by Joseph Pintauro and Norman Laliberte and used with Permission
Track Name: The Light Out/The Dirt My Brain Looks Like
in your dreams you sleep so much you can't remember them
when we're awake we're all so weak
when the week dies we decide we should abandon them
there's no one left i wanna see

but if my heart reflects the state of everything we call space
why does my brain look like the dirt?
mix the water with earth , then dry it in the sun
build it into walls to keep the light out
so it's no bother now

my hands remind me of all the times i never sold my soul
that's why my account looks soooo baroque
it's from too much reflecting and too much smoke
i'm still stoned already so it's no bother now

and i keep going back to the same places that i've been
cause i can't remember why i can't remember them
Track Name: Earth in Reverse
I feel so much like I.
I'm sitting there,
I'm wicked as well.
I'm young, in a sea around a dark city .
In a tree in the sea on the sun I was,
Before I was young.
In a tree all the worst parts were pulled from the dark.
In a sea you drove around, looking for a place to park.
On the sun you were blind, but you were looking for some shade
So you found a shopping mall,
You didn't need anything,
So before you were young you bought it all.
And now all the best buys bounce around in your trunk.
While all the worst parts?
Deep into the sky, they've quickly sunk.

they built this city
they built us out of air and heat
we spit on ourselves when we spit on the street

I hate this place but my feelings might change.
Don't let me be or I just might stay the same.
But what fun that would be if I was!?!
I'd have to learn to live my life without love.

And I'm not sure what's worse:

Everyone's Hearts or The Whole Goddamn Earth in Reverse?